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It was the year of fire... The year of destruction...
The year we took back what was ours...
It was the year of rebirth... The year of great sadness...
The year of pain... and the year of joy...
It was a new age... It was the end of history...
It was the year everything changed...
The year is 2261,
the place BABYLON 5

The Cast

John SheridanBruce Boxleinter
Susan IvanovaClaudia Christian
DelennMira Furlan
Michael GaribaldiJerry Doyle
Marcus ColeJason Carter
Zack AllanJeff Conaway
Steven FranklinRichard Biggs
Vir CottoStephen Furst
Londo MollariPeter Jurasis
G'KarAndreas Katsulas
LennierBill Mumy

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